7th Jul 2021

Swaddling Your Baby: What is the Fetal Position?

Fetal tuck or Fetal Position is a positioning of the body where the back is curved, the head is bowed, the knees are bent, and the elbows are flexed with hands drawn up and positioned towards the midline near the face. As a fetus, we spend most of our time inside of the womb in this position.

Similarly, after birth, newborns generally assume the Fetal position, with their knees bent, or flexed, and the elbows bent, or flexed with hands drawn up and positioned towards the midline near the face.

Infants love the Fetal Position so much that any attempt to have their extremities extended when the infant is awake, may be met with crying and resistance from the infant. Additionally, babywearing research also show that infants feel physically safe and secure when they are carried with their knees flexed against the caregiver’s chest, assuming this Fetal position.

Even adults find the Fetal Position incredibly comfortable and familiar. You may have noticed how adults, during periods of high stress and trauma, assume this Fetal position for comfort. We self-soothe ourselves by curling up into a ball when we’re emotionally distraught. We immediately feel much calmer when assuming this Fetal Position. Half of us sleep in the Fetal Position, as was found in a study conducted by the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, U.K. (2003).

Hence, it’s no wonder why babies crave the Fetal position for safety and comfort. The Fetal Position is the most natural, comfortable, secure feeling position that promotes self-settling or self-soothing.

Our FX (Fetal Flex) Swaddle is the only swaddle that emulates the natural essence of the womb environment by swaddling your baby in the naturally preferred Arms-Free (Fetal Flex) position, while still suppressing the Startle (Moro) reflex.

Similar to the womb environment, the FX Swaddle provides your baby optimum comfort and feeling of security, promotes better development and self-soothing, while minimising spontaneous awakenings – helping your baby sleep better and longer, and makes transitioning out of the swaddle easier!

Additionally, with the built-in 3-in-1 arm positions (Arms-In, Arms-Free, and Hands-Out), the FX Swaddle provides a gentler way to transition your baby from ‘womb to world’, and from 'swaddle to sleeping bag'.

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