7th Mar 2021

What is ARMS-FREE swaddling and how does it benefit baby's sleep?

During ultrasound, a fetus can be seen exploring the uterine wall, touching the umbilical cords, touching its own hands and fingers together at the midline, touching its feet, abdomen, chest, nose, lips, ears, rubbing its eyelids, scratching its temples with its fingers, and sucking on its hands, fingers, or thumb.⁣ ⁣

Just as adults learn from experience – these spontaneous movements are precursors for development of more important goal oriented behaviours and aids infant's neurological and motor development.⁣ ⁣

However, after birth, due to the change of environment, most newborn babies can’t manage to voluntarily control their hands or movements.⁣

Which is why, the FX (Fetal Flex) Swaddle is designed to emulate the natural essence of the womb environment. Similar to the womb environment, the FX swaddle positions your baby’s arms in the Arms-Free position, which ensures that there is no interruption in this learning and developmental process after birth.⁣⁣ ⁣

Just like the confines of the womb and the buoyancy of the amniotic fluid, the FX Swaddle gently supports and contains the movement of baby’s arms within and around the important midline region and near the face – facilitating spontaneous movements that form the basis for further development and coordination of more intentional goal-directed movements such as: reaching, grasping, head control, sucking on hands or thumbs, rubbing eyes, touching face or head, etc.⁣⁣

At the same time, the FX Swaddle sufficiently suppresses infant’s startle (Moro) reflex – minimising spontaneous awakenings, and allowing baby to sleep longer uninterrupted.

The FX (Fetal Flex) Swaddle is the only swaddle that emulates the natural essence of the womb environment by swaddling your baby in the naturally preferred ‘arms free’ (fetal-arm) position, while still sufficiently suppressing the Startle (Moro) reflex. Available at:

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