X-TEND Sleepsuit FAQ

X-TEND Sleepsuit FAQ

How easy are they to remove for using the toilet?

Unlike other sleepsuits on the market the X-TEND Sleepsuit does not have to be removed for using the toilet.

The X-TEND Sleepsuit comes with a Two-way Front Zipper and a unique extra-large Drop Seat feature*, which allows a toilet trained girl or a boy to use the toilet or a potty** when required. This can be especially handy for toilet trips during cold nights, when your child isn't feeling well, during camping trips, or whenever it isn't ideal to take off the entire garment.

*Drop Seat feature not available on size 0-1 (6-18 months) as most babies are not ready for toilet training at this age.

**Depending on your child's individual needs, you may need to assist your child to unzip and zip the drop seat or the two-way front zippers.

What is a Tog?

The Tog is a measure of warmth or "Thermal Resistance" of a product; the higher the Tog rating, the warmer the sleepsuit.

What Togs do they come in?

The X-Tend Sleepsuit come in three different Togs:

  • 1.0 Tog (Recommended for nursery temperature 20-24°C, very versatile as you can add additional layers underneath for spring and autumn seasons, or wear it on its own for summer and daytime naps.)
  • 2.5 Tog (Recommended for 18-22°C, suitable for Autumn/Spring and Winter)
  • 3.5 Tog (Recommended for 14-18°C, suitable for cooler climates and Winter)

- The Tog is a measure of warmth or "Thermal Resistance" of a product; the higher the Tog rating, the warmer the sleepsuit.

How bulky are the padded 2.5 and 3.5 Tog sleepsuits?

Unlike other padded sleepsuits on the market, the X-TEND Sleepsuit is designed for optimum warmth and comfort, without being bulky.

The 2.5 and 3.5 Tog sleepsuits are quilted/padded with organic cotton fibres on the upper body (front and back) for extra warmth and is lined with a silky soft organic cotton fabric on the outside. Body sides are made with organic cotton jersey for air circulation, better fit, and allowing the sleepsuit to move with your child. Shoulder, sleeves, lower body and legs are made with organic cotton fleece, which is nice and cozy yet lightweight, and allows full natural movement for your child. Finally, all Sleepsuits are lined with super soft organic cotton jersey on the inside upper and lower body, for consistent feel and comfort.

What sizes do they come in?

The X-TEND Sleepsuit comes in the following dual sizes:

  • 0-1 (6-18 Months) Drop Seat feature not available on this size as most babies are not ready for toilet training at this age.
  • 2-3 (18-36 Months)
  • 4-5 (3-5 Years)
  • 6-7 (5-7 Years)

How does the dual sizing work?

The X-TEND Sleepsuit comes in a dual sizes that is designed to grow with your baby, so you have a fitting garment as your baby grows through both sizes. For example, our dual 0-1 size sleepsuit is initially sized as standard size 0 garment, as the baby grows, legs and arms can be extended to conform with the measurements of a size 1 garment.

No more having to buy every size sleepsuits only to last a season and no more tripping and falling on oversized baggy sleepsuits.

Below is the sizing guide.

Sleepsuit size





Approx. recommended age

6-18 Months

18-36 Months

3-5 Years

5-7 Years

Sleepsuit length (Equivalent to your child's "base of neck to floor" measurement.)

At size 0: 64 cm

At size 1: 71 cm (extended)

At size 2: 78 cm

At size 3: 86 cm (extended)

At size 4: 93 cm

At size 5: 99 cm (extended)

At size 6: 104 cm

At size 7: 109 cm (extended)

Full sleeve length

At size 0: 31 cm

At size 1: 35cm (extended)

At size 2: 40 cm

At size 3: 43.5 cm (extended)

At size 4: 46.5 cm

At size 5: 50 cm (extended)

At size 6: 53.5 cm

At size 7: 56 cm (extended)

Neck circumference

36 cm

38 cm

40 cm

42 cm

- All measurement are approximate and are for guidance only as all children are different.

Which size sleepsuit should I get?

In order to get the correct size sleepsuit, measure your child from the "base of neck to floor" standing. Match this measurement as closely as possible to the sleepsuit length (found in the sizing guide table) at the lower of the dual size. For example, if your child's measurement from "base of neck to floor" is 60cm, the correct sleepsuit size to get would be the size 0-1 which is 64cm long at size 0 and can be extended to 71cm at size 1.

How should I dress my baby underneath the sleepsuit?

The X-TEND Sleepsuit is designed to be used instead of blankets. The table below shows guidelines for the amount of clothing for your baby and the correct X-TEND Sleepsuit that should be used in different room temperatures.

Please remember, though, that babies are all different; additionally, other factors such as humidity in your region, whether there is heating in the house, and your baby's health (whether your baby has a cold or infection or another special need) can determine how you should dress your baby.

Dress your baby to be comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold. Feel your baby's chest regularly to check his/her temperature. If your baby is sweating or has a red face, remove some clothing and/or use a lower tog sleepsuit. This may be necessary if your baby is unwell, in which case you should seek medical attention.

Nursery Temperature

3.5 Tog Sleepsuit

14-18°C / 57-64°F

2.5 Tog Sleepsuit

18-22°C / 64-71°F

1.0 Tog Sleepsuit

20-24°C / 68-75°F

24°C / 75°F



Short-sleeved Bodysuit

22°C / 71°F


Short-sleeved Bodysuit

Long-sleeved Bodysuit

20°C / 68°F

Short-sleeved Bodysuit

Long-sleeved Bodysuit

Short-sleeved Bodysuit
+ PJs or All-in-One

18°C / 64°F

+ PJs or All-in-One

Short-sleeved Bodysuit
+ PJs or All-in-One


16°C / 61°F

Short-sleeved Bodysuit
+ PJs or All-in-One



14°C / 57°F

Long-sleeved Bodysuit
+ PJs or All-in-One



- This dressing guide is for general guidance only as all babies are different

Is the quilting/padding cotton or polyester?

Our products are certified organic cotton throughout, even the quilting/padding.

  • Inner and outer 100% organic cotton
  • Quilting/padding (2.5 & 3.5 Tog garments) 100% organic cotton
  • Shoulders, sleeves, sides, and legs 95% organic cotton 5% spandex

Synthetic materials such as polyester and microfleece can trap heat and cause overheating as they do not breathe as well as cotton. This is particularly the case for babies as they cannot regulate their body temperature as well as older kids or adults. Overheating is a major risk factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

What is the use of removable sleeves?

The sleeves are removable, which gives you an additional way to configure the sleepsuit to the ambient temperature and regulate your child's body temperature, especially useful for hot sleepers. This feature also give you the flexibility of being able to wash the sleeves separately if they are soiled before the main sleepsuit.

Are the sleeves Bulky?

Not at all. They are lightweight, breathable with a bit of stretch allowing full range of natural movement.

Are the garments safe for Eczema and sensitive skin?

The X-TEND Sleepsuit is made of GOTS and OCS certified organic cotton, grown free from nasty chemicals and toxins, soft and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. An ideal choice for all babies, specially babies with Eczema and sensitive skin.

What is the fabric like?

The X-TEND Sleepsuit is made of certified organic cotton fabrics, which are super comfortable, soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin.

Can the garments go in the dryer?

Yes, gentle tumble dry on low heat.