How does the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 work for all seasons use?

The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 is available in two different TOG ratings:

  • A cool Summer bag (0.5 Tog, recommended for 22°C and above)
  • and a mild Autumn/Spring bag (quilted 2.5 Tog, recommended for 18-22°C).

These bags can be used on their own, or combined (via our special zip system) to form:

  • A warm Winter bag (approx 3.0 Tog, recommended for below 18°C).

The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 gives you maximum usage of each bag, so your baby sleeps in complete comfort and safety 365 days a year!

- The Tog is a measure of warmth or "Thermal Resistance" of a product; the higher the Tog rating, the warmer the sleep bag.


What is a Tog?

The Tog is a measure of warmth or "Thermal Resistance" of a product; the higher the Tog rating, the warmer the sleep bag.


Is there a video that shows how you can attach the two bags together? Can this be done without waking baby?

Yes, and yes. Watch the video here


Love the idea of the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0, but how does it help with overnight temperature drops?

While combining the two bags, the 0.5 Tog bag is added on the top/outside of the 2.5 Tog bag. So, during overnight temperature drops, you can simply add the 0.5 Tog bag on top, without ever having to unzip the 2.5 Tog bag your baby is already in, thereby not having to expose your baby to the cold. This additional layer traps air between layers which serves as thermal insulation, creating additional warmth.

This feature helps to significantly reduce the amount of disturbance experienced by your baby. And with some babies, you may even be able to completely get away with not waking them up at all! By the same token, if your baby is too warm, you can just as easily remove the 2nd bag. Watch our video here to see how easily this can be done

The 2.5 Tog bag also comes with detachable sleeves and foldable hand mittens allowing you to further adjust your baby's temperature to overnight temperature drops.


Will my baby have trouble rolling over in the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0?

Not at all, your baby will be able to comfortably roll over or crawl around in these. The organic cotton used to make the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 is very soft and lightweight.


Why does the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 have front zippers that zip downwards?

Front zip sleep bags remind parents to put baby on their back to sleep safely. Downward zips prevent baby from escaping out of the bag and makes nappy change a breeze.


Why does the sleep bag have a fire warning label?

The fire warning label is part of the Australian mandatory safety standard for children’s nightwear AS/NZS 1249:2003. It acts as a reminder for parents to keep their babies/children away from fire and open heat sources. It also helps remind parents that baby sleeping bags should not be used as daywear or dressing gowns in living areas.


What sizes do they come in?

The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 comes in the following dual sizes:

  • 0-1 (6-18 Months)
  • 2-3 (18-36 Months)
  • 4-5 (3-5 Years)

Below is the sizing guide.

Sleep bag size




Approx. recommended age

6-18 Months

18-36 Months

3-5 Years

Sleep bag length




Full sleeve (2.5 Tog sleep bag) length

At size 0: 31 cm
At size 1: 35 cm (extended)

At size 2: 40 cm
At size 3: 43.5 cm (extended)

At size 4: 46.5 cm
At size 5: 50 cm (extended)

Neck circumference

36 cm

38 cm

40 cm

Widest width at the legs

48 cm

50 cm

53 cm

- All measurement are approximate and are for guidance only as all babies are different.


Which size sleep bag should I get?

In order to get the correct size sleep bag, measure your child's height from base of neck to floor standing. Add 10cm to allow some room for leg movement. If your calculated length is close to or slightly bigger than the length of the sleep bag (found in the sizing guide table), you will need to get the next size sleep bag. For example, if your baby measured 71cm from base of neck to floor, then you add 10cm to allow for leg movement, total length would be 81cm. The length of a Sleep Bag size 0-1 is 85cm, your child would grow out of this very quickly. You would need to get the next size 2-3 sleep bag.

If you are going for a larger size, you'll need to measure your child's head circumference and ensure it is sufficiently larger than the neck circumference of the sleep bag (found in the sizing guide table) to avoid your child's head slipping under the sleep bag.

We do not recommend getting excessively larger size than what is suggested in the sizing guide table. Extra material from excessively larger size sleep bag can cause risk of suffocation by bunching up at the neck and mouth as well as discomfort and legs getting tangled in the extra material.


How should I dress my baby underneath the sleep bag?

The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 is designed to be used instead of blankets and top sheets. The table below shows guidelines for the amount of clothing for your baby and the correct 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 configuration that should be used in different room temperatures.

Please remember, though, that babies are all different; additionally, other factors such as humidity in your region, whether there is heating in the house, and your baby's health (whether your baby has a cold or infection or another special need)  can determine how you should dress your baby.

Dress your baby to be comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold. Feel your baby's chest regularly to check his/her temperature. Don’t worry if baby’s hands, face, and feet feel cool - this is normal. If your baby is sweating or has a red face, remove some clothing and/or use a lower tog configuration. This may be necessary if your baby is unwell, in which case you should seek medical attention.

Nursery Temperature

Combined Winter Bag 3.0 Tog
14-18°C / 57-64°F

Autumn/Spring Bag 2.5 Tog
18-22°C / 64-71°F

Summer Bag 0.5 Tog
22°C + / 71°F+

26°C / 79°F



Short-sleeved Bodysuit

24°C / 75°F



Long-sleeved Bodysuit

22°C / 71°F


Short-sleeved Bodysuit

Short-sleeved Bodysuit

+ PJs or All-in-One

20°C / 68°F

Short-sleeved Bodysuit

Long-sleeved Bodysuit


18°C / 64°F


+ PJs or All-in-One

Short-sleeved Bodysuit

+ PJs or All-in-One


16°C / 61°F

Short-sleeved Bodysuit

+ PJs or All-in-One



14°C / 57°F

Long-sleeved Bodysuit

+ PJs or All-in-One



- This dressing guide is for general guidance only as all babies are different.
- A FREE room thermmeter with a dressing guide is included with your order.


Is the quilting/padding cotton or polyester?

Our products are certified organic cotton throughout, even the quilting/padding.

  • Inner and outer 100% organic cotton
  • Quilting/padding (2.5 & 3.5 Tog garments) 100% organic cotton
  • Shoulders, sleeves, sides, and legs 95% organic cotton 5% spandex

Synthetic materials such as polyester and microfleece can trap heat and cause overheating as they do not breathe as well as cotton. This is particularly the case for babies as they cannot regulate their body temperature as well as older kids or adults. Overheating is a major risk factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


What is the use of removable sleeves?

The sleeves are removable, which gives you an additional way to configure the sleep bag to the ambient temperature and regulate your child's body temperature, especially useful for hot sleepers. This feature also give you the flexibility of being able to wash the sleeves separately if they are soiled before the main sleep bag.


Are the sleeves Bulky?

Not at all. They are lightweight, breathable with a bit of stretch allowing full range of natural movement.


Are the garments safe for Eczema and sensitive skin?

The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 is made of GOTS and OCS certified organic cotton, grown free from nasty chemicals and toxins, soft and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. An ideal choice for all babies, specially babies with Eczema and sensitive skin.


What is the fabric like?

The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 is made of certified organic cotton fabrics, which are super comfortable, soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin.


Can the garments go in the dryer?

Yes, gentle tumble dry on low heat.

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