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Should I get the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 or the X-TEND Sleepsuit?

365 Sleep Bag 2.0

We recommend 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 for most babies 6 months to 2.5 years. Some older babies continue to prefer the comfort of our 365 sleep bag.

The enclosed design, weight, and built in hand mittens of the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 can provide a certain level of security for babies who are ready to transition out of a swaddle. This design along with the organic cotton quilting throughout the body and legs provide an evenly distributed uninterrupted warmth, promoting better sleep for your baby. The enclosed design also prevents or delays toddler climbing of the cot and reduces the likelihood of babies getting their feet stuck between cot rails.

The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 has been designed with extra length allowance for kicking and movement. Which means it runs longer than our X-TEND Sleepsuit of the same size and can be often used for longer.

Additionally the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 is fully configurable and can be adjusted to all seasonal variations, ambient temperatures, and your baby's changing needs, eliminating the need for blankets and multiple tog bags.

X-TEND Sleepsuit

The X-TEND Sleepsuit is a baby sleeping bag, but with legs, allowing toddlers and mobile babies to move their feet freely, naturally and unrestricted. Like the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 the X-TEND Sleepsuit is designed to be sufficiently warm, without the need for traditional blankets.

The X-TEND Sleepsuit is ideal for toddlers when transitioning from cot to bed, but are yet unable to manage blankets on their own.

Additionally, the X-TEND Sleepsuit comes with a Two-way Front Zipper and a unique extra-large Drop Seat feature, which allows a toilet trained girl or a boy to use the toilet or a potty when required. This can be especially handy for toilet trips during cold nights, when your child isn't feeling well, during camping trips, or whenever it isn't ideal to take off the entire garment.