7th Mar 2021

The Ultimate Baby Sleeping Bag Guide: How to Choose the Best Sleep bag for Your Baby

When you’re buying a baby sleeping bag, you’ll want the best and only the best for your baby!

Nowadays, if you’re a new parent, you’re probably inundated with baby brands adverts, well-meaning advice of friends and family, as well as the media blaring out newborn baby checklists! Just what a mum does NOT need while trying to survive the newborn sleep haze!

Well you don’t have to worry no more, because we’ve created the ultimate guide to choosing the best sleep bag for your little heartbeat! This handy guide can help you decide whether you’ve made the best decision when it comes to baby sleeping bags – and if you find it useful, please feel free to share with your friends too!

1) Material: Choose Organic Cotton

A baby's skin is up to 5 times thinner than adult skin, and is extremely susceptible to absorbing toxins and more sensitive to chemicals used in non-organic clothing. Organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides that would have been used in growing non-organic, conventional cotton. What’s more, organic cotton is also good for the farming community and our environment.

Watch out! If it isn’t certifiable, it isn’t organic! If in doubt, ask for organic cotton certification.

We recommend: The 4-in-1 365 Sleep Bag is made of 100% GOTS and OCS certified organic cotton throughout; inside, outside and including the quilting.

2) Composition: Choose Natural Fillings

Always look for natural fibre fillings in your baby sleepwear. Polyester and fleece can trap heat and cause overheating as they do not breathe very well. This is particularly the case for babies as they cannot regulate their body temperature as well as older kids or adults. Overheating is a major risk factor for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

If your baby has eczema and sensitive skin, going 100% cotton is always the best choice, over other natural fibres such as Merino or standard wool.

Watch out! Some baby sleep bags are made of polyester and synthetic materials such as fleece. Even most baby sleeping bags advertised as being made of cotton use polyester filling/quilting.  Always check the label for fabric composition.

We recommend: The 4-in-1 365 Sleep Bag is made of 100% GOTS and OCS certified organic cotton throughout; inside, outside and including the quilting.

3) Labelling: Check for labelling standards

Always check if your baby sleeping bag contains the required labelling standards for sleepwear and the mandatory fire warning label. The fire warning label is part of the Australian mandatory safety standard for children’s nightwear AS/NZS 1249:2014. It acts as a reminder for parents to keep their babies/children away from fire and open heat sources. It also helps remind parents that baby sleeping bags should not be used as daywear or dressing gowns in living areas.

Watch out! Clothing labels are taken very seriously by the industry regulatory bodies. Companies that don’t comply, risk being caught and have their products recalled!

We recommend: The 4-in-1 365 Sleep Bag meets all labelling standards and conforms to the Australian safety standard AS/NZS 1249:2014

4) Rated for Togs: Check for Warmth

Always check if your baby sleeping bag is tog rated. The Tog is a measure of warmth or "Thermal Resistance" of a product; the higher the Tog rating, the warmer the sleep bag.

Watch out! Knowing a Tog rating of a baby sleeping bag is a good start in knowing how to dress your baby for sleep. However, bear in mind that even though two different branded baby sleeping bags may have the exact same Tog rating, it does not mean they will provide the exact same warmth. This is mainly because lab Tog testing results can only be given as an approximate average, and results can vary from lab to lab. Additionally, other factors such as humidity in your region, whether there is heating in the house, your baby's preference (whether your baby is a hot or a cold sleeper), and your baby's health (whether your baby has a cold or infection or another special need) can determine which tog sleeping bag to use and how you should dress your baby underneath. Most brands provide a dressing guide with their baby sleeping bag, but they are just guides and should be used as your starting point only. Every baby is different, and it may take a bit of trial and error before you are able to work out exactly which tog baby sleeping bag to use and how you should dress your baby underneath.

We recommend: The 4-in-1 365 Sleep Bag is fully Tog tested and Tog rated 0.5 and 2.5, which when combined, forms a 3.0 Tog. A FREE room thermometer with a dressing guide is included with your order.

5) Ease of use and convenience: Saves you time, money and the hassle of buying to meet growth spurts and seasonal changes.

Babies grow rapidly in their first year! To meet your baby’s tremendous growth over their first year, you would need to buy a handful of different weight (Tog) bags for every season and different ambient temperatures. So you're only getting few months use out of each sleep bag.

Watch out! Most baby sleeping bags on the market are single sized; therefore they are quickly outgrown before being outworn.

We recommend: The 4-in-1 365 Sleep Bag the only baby sleeping bag that can be configured to all seasonal variations, changes in ambient temperatures, and grows with your baby, thanks to its unique design (patent applied for).

How it works: The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 is available in two different TOG ratings: A cool Summer bag (0.5 Tog, recommended for 22°C and above) and a mild Autumn/Spring bag (quilted 2.5 Tog, recommended for 18-22°C). These bags can be used on their own, or combined (via our special zip system) to form: A warm Winter bag (approx 3.0 Tog, recommended for below 18°C).Giving you maximum usage of each bag, so your baby sleeps in complete comfort and safety 365 days a year! The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 comes in two generous sizes 0-3 (6-36 Months) and 4-5 (3-5 Years), to accommodate your child's growing body. It comes with the X-TEND system, which allows the chest width on size 0-3 (6-36 Months) bags to be adjusted to fit both smaller and bigger babies, and sleeves to be extended (for both sizes) as your child grows.

The 4-in-1 365 Sleep Bag checks all boxes! And yet, it has a multitude of other additional features and benefits – you’ll have to go and read the main product description page to find out what other amazing features and wonderful benefits this workhorse of a bag offers!


“I am so impressed with the 365 Sleep Bag! For my eldest child, I had to purchase 2-3 wearable blankets (in different thicknesses) in every size, which really added up over the years. The design of the 365 Sleep Bag is ingenious, and the quality is superb! I love that the light weight and medium weight blankets can zipper together to become a heavier weight blanket for those super cold winter nights. I worry about whether my youngest baby is too cold or too hot at night all the time. And when we go on vacation or to visit relatives, I never know which wearable blankets to pack, so I bring them all and this takes up way too much space. The Sleep Bag takes the guess work out of packing. And because it is so long, it will last until she is a toddler! Of course, I love that it is organic too!" – Amber, The Baby Sleep Site

"Gone are the days of wrestling to keep blankets on babies while they sleep and thank goodness for that! Sleeping bags are quickly replacing the cot blanket as a safer and smarter alternative and the 365 Sleep Bag is the cream of the crop ... The 365 Sleep Bag has a long list of features that won me over and is sure to get the tick of approval from even the most discerning parent." – Kate Thompson, Babyology

"The 365 sleep bag is pure brilliance and everything has been thought of: sleeves zip on and off, sleeves extend to the next size up, seat belt holes, fold over mitten sleeves and the ability to be a 0.5 TOG/2.5 TOG/3 TOG for all round use! 365 days a year! And a bonus- it is made with 100% organic cotton throughout! I can't wait to show this to all my sleepy little clients! The 365 sleep bag will definitely help bub sleep well - whatever the weather!" – Shira - Infant and Child Sleep Consultant

“For little ones transitioning out of a swaddle, the 365 Sleep Bag is just perfect. At first you might think that these sleeping bags are a little expensive, but in reality, these are much cheaper than buying several different togs sleeping bags for different seasons. It actually comes with two separate configurable sleeping bags which can be configured for all four seasons!” – Elaine, Lullababy SOS Baby Whisperer & Mother Craft Nurse

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