365 Sleep Bag V3 - Grey / Swaddle Transition Sleeves (4-10 Months)

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Transition Your Baby From Swaddle to Sleeping Bag (Optional Add-on)

The Swaddle Transition Sleeves are optional add-ons for your size 4-18m Autumn/Spring sleep bag. These are perfect for rolling babies who are ready to transition out of the swaddle to a sleeping bag. They allow free arm movements while keeping hands enclosed and snug (as these are a lot shorter than the standard removable sleeves), allowing baby to feel secure and calm. Made from the highest quality certified organic cotton, babies can chew on, suck on, and stroke their face with the built-in 2-IN-1 hand mittens - this self soothing behaviour comforts them, and helps them settle better.

Once baby outgrows the swaddle transition sleeves, you can graduate baby to the standard removable sleeves that come with the Autumn/Spring sleep bag.

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