Kate Thompson (Writer at babyology)

"Gone are the days of wrestling to keep blankets on babies while they sleep and thank goodness for that! Sleeping bags are quickly replacing the cot blanket as a safer and smarter alternative and the 365 Sleep Bag is the cream of the crop ... The 365 Sleep Bag has a long list of features that won me over and is sure to get the tick of approval from even the most discerning parent."

Amber (Baby Sleep Consultant at The Baby Sleep Site)

“I am so impressed with the 365Sleep Bag! For my eldest child, I had to purchase 2-3 wearable blankets (in different thicknesses) in every size, which really added up over the years. The design of the 365Sleep Bag is ingenious, and the quality is superb! I love that the light weight and medium weight blankets can zipper together to become a heavier weight blanket for those super cold winter nights. I worry about whether my youngest baby is too cold or too hot at night all the time. And when we go on vacation or to visit relatives, I never know which wearable blankets to pack, so I bring them all and this takes up way too much space. The Sleep Bag takes the guess work out of packing. And because it is so long, it will last until she is a toddler! Of course, I love that it is organic too!"

Libbie (Mum to Evie, 3 months)

"I love this bag and so does Evie! It was simple and easy to use, adapt and maintain. It has an amazing age and size range, not to mention catering for all seasons with one purchase, it makes this bag a 'must' for mums! I will be recommending this bag for sure!"

Jodi (Mum to Shawn, 7 months)

"Having a 7 month old son we have actually gone through a couple of other sleeping bags already (being for changes in weather and age.) I am a first time mum so I was interested in the quality and whether it would indeed actually last 2 years of full use and in the savings something like this may provide.

Once opened the very first thing I inspected was the quality of the fittings and material, which was nothing short of Bonza! The zippers, clasps and stitching are of the best quality. The material is firm yet soft and the Snow White colour is a nice shade of soft white. I did not hesitate allowing Shawn to sleep in and review this product.

The first night Shawn was to sleep in the 365 Sleep Bag he was asleep in his normal routine without a hitch, like nothing changed and he slept like a restful baby. The following two nights we actually were on our first family weekend away and Shawn slept in his portacot for the first time ever and within a Sleep Bag he didn't have a long term attachment too. Again Shawn slept extremely well, warm and snug. We were surprised but obviously very happy. The following night Shawn slept a solid 11.5hours in his Sleep Bag in a portacot and woke with a play and a smile ready for a day of exploring. Clearly the 365 Sleep Bag has his approval.

Thankyou 365 Sleep Bag, I'm so glad your mine."

Kayla (Mum to Nathaniel, 15 weeks)

"I have used other brands of baby sleeping bags, but none like the 365 Sleep Bag!

The 365 Sleep Bag is an amazing, high quality product. The fabric is soft and comfortable, easy to wash and care; good quality zippers and snaps, and the workmanship is great - no flaws found! There is no worrying about blankets, warmth, or comfort, or baby at all! Even when my 3 month old moves around in the bag, he doesn't wake up like he would when kicking under a blanket. I love the snaps in the arms so that the bag actually fits him and have no gaps where cold air can get in. When I started using the 365 Sleep Bag, my son slept better, and so have I, now that no one has to wake up to make sure the baby is warm enough and there's not a possibility of a blanket ending up over his head!

The added bonus is over time you see the HUGE savings!!! I am a 365 Sleep Bag supporter one thousand per cent!!!"

Rachel (Mum to Jonah, 7 months)

"The quality of fabric and manufacturing is second to none. I am so impressed with what I can see to be a very durable sleeping bag. The workmanship is flawless. I felt confident and comfortable using the 365 Sleep Bag with my baby.

The bags are extremely easy to combine - when I first looked at them it looked very complicated with all the zips but once one bag is tucked inside the other, it is very straight forward and the bags fit so neatly together.

With such a tendency towards organic materials on the market at the moment, the 365 Sleep Bag really checks all the boxes. To be able to make one purchase and receive a sleeping bag that caters for such an age range and all seasons is convenience at its best and for those who do the math, the savings are amazing!

I will definitely be recommending the 365 Sleep Bag to other mums."


"I just wanted to tell you how much I love this sleeping bag. This product is amazing and so clever. I purchased the bag as one of the original backers on Kickstarter, best decision ever.

I have since purchased a second bag with winter approaching I wanted the extra bag in case I couldn’t get it dry in time after washing as its pretty cold in the ACT.

My youngest is four months old and I wish I had this sleeping bag with my eldest instead of having 3 or 4 sleeping bags for each size just to cover a range of weather conditions.

The 365 sleep bag is such great quality and is so well made, I am so glad I decided to buy this product."

Rebecca (Mum to Harrison, 8.5 months)

"I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and feel of the bag, but what is more important is that Harrison has slept so well in it! ... Since using the 365 Sleep Bag, he has started sleeping through the night for the first time ever! Was it the bag or just time?? I don't know if it's coincidental, but this is fantastic. He seems so comfortable in this bag ...I have no intention of going back to my old bag - I have grown to love this one too much!"

Amy (Mum to Jenson, 7 months)

"I have two 6-18mth/2.5 togs, one 9-12mth/2 tog, and one 3-6mth/2 tog. I was using these and still needed more sleeping bags and was currently looking for more when I was introduced to the 365 Sleep Bag. And I am so glad I was.

This is the best sleeping bag I have ever used. I will no longer need 10 sleeping bags, only one. …I am thoroughly impressed with the way this bag is put together- from the material, to the seams and stitching and the zippers - this is quality craftsmanship...And its unique design gives it the edge over all other sleeping bags in the market.

Other people may find 'organic' more of an incentive to buy the 365 Sleep Bag, but the design and functionality of the bag is enough for me to love it. My son loves it and seems to sleep extremely well in it...I will be using this bag instead of all the other brands from now on. I absolutely love this sleeping bag and will be recommending it to all my mummy friends."

Tasha (Mum to Jack, 6 months)

"I found the 365 Sleep Bag to be comfortable and user friendly. Having one sleeping bag for temperature changes is great especially when we sometimes have 4 seasons in one day. Having press studs under the arms caters for young babies to toddlers. It is also a really well made bag and I'd recommend it to anyone who sleeps their baby in a sleeping bag."


"The first time I used it, I popped Kimora in while she was still awake but sleepy. She drifted off so quickly I was genuinely surprised. She looked so snug and cosy, which also surprised me considering her bag is big enough to last until she is two years old. That’s right, TWO. I don’t need to go and buy another sized bag because with a length of 95cm it could last until she is TWO!... Not only will this bag last as Kimora grows, but it can be used at anytime during the year, no matter the season... The 365 even comes with a free nursery thermometer! It advises which bag to use for what temperature, and suggests the appropriate clothing for baby to wear. When she wakes during the night I’m always pleased to find her nice and warm, neither cold nor over-heated. A sleeping bag that will last all year round no matter the weather… GENIUS again!!

The bag itself is also impressive. It’s high quality, super soft, well-made and easy to wash. The 365 contains NO polyester or synthetic materials; just 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. GOTS is the highest standard of certification in the world for textiles made from organic fibres, so you are guaranteed this product contains absolutely no harmful chemicals or pesticides. Not all “organic” products are truly able to promise that.

I’ve been using the 365 for two weeks now and I’m hooked. No need to muck around tucking in sheets, and I can be sure that Kimora is going to stay warm and cosy throughout the night... To top it all off, Kimora slept right through in her sleeping bag for the first time last night: 8.30pm – 7am! Now I’m not saying all your sleep problems will be solved by this bag (Kimora usually only wakes up once during the night anyway) but what I am saying is it’s pretty clear she finds the bag comfortable and enjoys being in it. Can’t ask for more than that!... I love this sleeping bag. It’s value for money and a beautifully-made product. I can’t recommend it enough!"

Megan (Mum to Evie, 10 months)

"While using the 365 Sleep Bag, our daughter slept through until 630ish which we were very happy with. By having the 365 Sleep Bag we didn't have to worry about tucking her under the blankets as the bag provided enough warmth for her.

The bags fits her body well and there is plenty of room to accommodate for her growth over the next year or so...The material is lovely, it looks very durable and I could not fault the workmanship of the bag at all. The bags were also very easy to wash and dry.

Living in Sydney we often have hot and humid days and as autumn comes around, the nights become really cold. To be able to put our daughter to bed to suit one temperature and then have the ability to make her warmer by simply adding another bag is reassuring. Sleep is such a vital aspect of any parents' life; to have something so small make such a difference is life changing. We will now donate our old bags and will be purchasing more of these!"


"Very simple, easy and time efficient to use... I love this sleeping bag because it means I don’t have to buy new ones for each season and size which ultimately saves me money...It is made from great quality thick cotton that is durable and designed to last. They are machine washable and dryer safe which is a must for me... Most importantly it is safe to use and meets both Australian and British safety standards...The 365 Sleep Bag gives me peace of mind that my daughter will not get tangled, suffocated or freeze in winter after kicking free her blankets."

Liana (Mum to Ryder, 10 months)

"When I first got the bag I thought it looked huge and didn’t know how bub would fit! Once I got him into it I was surprised at how well it fit but still with plenty of growing room!

I think the 365 bag is fantastic. I have found bub has been sleeping much better and keeping warm throughout the night. We have other brands of sleeping bags that are still 100% cotton but not as thick as the 365 bag.

The 365 bag keeps bub warm but he does not overheat like the previous brands I have tried. I found it maintained temperature; he didn’t overheat or get cold. Bub usually wakes overnight and I did see this reduce. Before I started using the 365 bag, he used to wake minimum of 4 times a night! Now he is sleeping through till 7.30am, previously waking at 6am. I use the summer bag for daytime sleeps and he has also been napping a lot better too!

Thank you so much, this sleeping bag has made for a happy mummy and baby!!"


"The 365 sleep bag is really two bags (a cool summer bag and a mild Autumn/ Spring bag) which can be zipped together to make a thick, warm winter bag. It's simply brilliant. And it works. In the last couple of months alone, the 365 sleep bag has seen us through the hot and humid weather of Singapore, the mild Autumn days, as well as the chilling Wintry nights in Sydney.

The 365 Sleep Bag has a roomy design which allows for kicking, rolling and free movement. I love that it is made of breathable 100% certified organic cotton making it suitable for babies with sensitive skin or eczema. It's breathable fabric prevent overheating and is naturally soft. In fact as I'm typing this, Alexander is fast asleep in Dreamland, wearing his Autumn/Spring bag which I know is keeping him comfortably cosy."

Amanda (Mum to baby girl, 6 months)

"We received our 365 sleep bag a couple of weeks ago and I love it.The high quality material combined with the design makes bubs feel warm, safe and secure, and it's so easy to use! I'll definitely recommend it to all my friends and family with little ones.

Most definitely one of the best things I've bought."

Carena (Mum to Evelynn, 9 months)

"This is hands down the best sleep bag I've used with all 5 of my children! It is perfect in every aspect from design to construction - I love how you have taken the time to improve the way my daughter can sleep while giving me peace of mind! I don't have to worry about my squirmy baby getting under a blanket or getting overheated! Unlike other sleep bags, she sleeps comfortably in all temperatures - she doesn't wake up sweaty or cold - just the right amount of warmth.

The 365 Sleep Bag is obviously a high quality bag with high quality materials. The construction is beautiful and strong. It's so breathable unlike polyester and it's wonderful to be able to choose one or both bags. I like the 365 Sleep Bag immensely!"

Amanda (Mum to Charlie, 8.5 months)

"The 365 Sleep Bag is fantastic. Charlie has been sleeping very well in the bag - she mostly sleeps through the night (7pm-6am). The bag is a lot longer than what she's used to, plus she sleeps mostly on her tummy, but she was fine! It's very well made, very easy to wash and dry, and compared to other brands of baby sleeping bags, this feels warmer and thicker. I would recommend it to other parents for sure!"

Hayley (Mum to Harper, 7 months)

"We are loving the 365 sleeping bag!

I no longer have to pile on the blankets and I love that the fill is cotton instead of polyester like most on the market.

Here is a photo of my 7 month old Harper sound asleep in the bag with her favourite bunny comforter :)"

Joanne (Mum to Avery, 11 months Actual Age, 8months Corrected Age)

"I love the 365 Sleep Bag - it's a great fit for my child, very well made, and is warmer than other brand bags. Because he is warmer in the 365 Sleep Bag, he slept 30-45 minutes longer during the day, and wakes up twice now rather than 4-6 times. The 365 Sleep Bag is also very useful during overnight temperature drops because when Avery wakes up the second time, it's around 3 am. So I just pop the 2nd bag on top for extra warmth. With other brands bags, I found that Polyester makes Avery sweat more, whereas with the 365 Sleep Bag's 100% certified organic cotton, he was able to breathe better."

Arati (Mum to Calev, 11 months)

"I love having Calev sleep next to me, it's the most beautiful feeling to hear him breathe and watch him sleep! But at 11 months it's getting uncomfortable for him to sleep with mummy and daddy, so having to move him to his cot, my main concern was how he'd sleep in the chilly winter nights of Sydney! But thanks to the 365 sleeping bag, we have had no issues at all!! He's still as warm and snug as he used to be when sleeping with me, and also has plenty of space to spread his arms and legs!! I couldn't be happier!

The quality of the 365 sleeping bag is superb, we have used it for almost a month now, it washes well and still retains that beautiful fresh cotton feeling, I can't see us having to use anything else for baby's sound sleep! Thank you so much for this amazing bag!!"

Clare (Mum to Alexander, 6 months)

"Alex has transitioned into this cot at the same time as introducing the 365 Sleep Bag. He used to kick blankets off in his bassinet but hasn't been able to kick off bedding when in the 365 Sleep bag, and it also restricts him rolling. He sleeps in his sleeping bag at night and without during day naps, so he rolls onto his tummy during day naps but remains on his back sleeping all night. Alex had been unsettled due to a tummy bug, but slept pretty well in the 365 Sleep Bag. In fact, it improved his waking from several times a night to once or twice a night.

I think the 365 Sleep Bag is a great product. I am so happy with it. The 365 Sleep Bag has excellent workmanship and its 100% organic cotton is very appealing to artificial fibers when sleeping. As soon as Alex is in his bag in the evening it’s like he’s relax and calm, almost like swaddling in the past. I can sleep easy knowing he is safe and warm all night."

Jemma (Mum to Ethan, 15 weeks)

"I wanted to say how happy we are with the 365 Sleeping Bag, our little boy Ethan is 15 weeks old and it is the first sleeping bag he has slept in since taking him out of swaddles. I was concerned how he would go in the transition from swaddle to sleeping bag but it has been easy. I think the warmth of the bag has really helped (we are in Melbourne) and he is sleeping beautifully in it!

We are heading on an overseas holiday in a month to Malaysia, where it will be hot and humid and I love the fact that we don't need to purchase another sleeping bag for him as we will use the summer bag.

Thanks again for this product, I looked into a lot of sleeping bags and we are really happy for the choice we made, value for money, material and the fact our little boy is safe and sleeping so well in it!"

Jennifer (Mum to Eloise, 9 months)

"We received our 365 Sleep Bag when Eloise was 6 months old. She was getting cold overnight in the other bags I had for her, and I was worrying in the middle of the night about her getting caught up in the extra blankets that I was using to keep her warm and then I wasn't sleeping.

I was very impressed with the look, feel and quality of the sleeping bag when it arrived (it also arrived very promptly after ordering).

The 365 Bag is so easy to use. (Even Eloise's Dad has no problem using it). I love the fact that it can be used with either bag under or over, making it so versatile. Also, it is so easy to just slip the bag on whilst giving a sneaky cuddle. And much less worrying than trying to tuck blankets over a child who is a restless sleeper who loves to move all over the cot.

Since we began using the 365 Bag, it is the only one we use. I am thoroughly impressed with it and couldn't not recommend it more highly. I am only sorry I didn't find it earlier. It is certainly the best product I have bought for Eloise. It has made us both sleep better."

Susan (Mum to Amelia, 4 months)

"This is my daughter, 4 month old Amelia in her 365 Sleep Bag. She is snug and comfortable and is now sleeping for 6-7 hours at a time during the night! I just love how quick and easy it is to zip her up, no more worrying about tucking her blankets in tight enough so she can't kick them off!"

Teena (Mum to Ethan, 5 months)

"What's not to love?! This cozy, comfy, natural sleep bag is all that's needed year round & for at least 2 years!!! I came across The Sleepy Company on Facebook & so glad I found it & ordered this sleep bag - just in time for the cold weather we had been having in Queensland! Prior to this I had several blankets on my little one, and didn't feel completely safe! Now I can sleep soundly & so can Ethan - no longer waking at 5am! :) WIN WIN!"

Paul (Dad to Twins Benjamin and James, 9 months)

"Great concept, easy to use, soft, and the boys seem to find them comfortable. Good fit, well constructed bag. Benjamin and James both slept very well, slept the night through."

Vicki (Mum to Hunter, 9 months)

"Amazing! My favourite baby sleeping bag by far! My son settled into the 365 Sleep Bag very well, sleeping all night once in the bag. Other brands he would kick around in and not be happy to wear them. However the 365 Sleep Bag he loves! I think it helped him keep warm all night. The workmanship is amazing and it's so easy getting him in and out of the bag - definitely the easiest sleeping bag I have ever used. It has helped my little boy sleep better, he started to sleep all night and sleep longer for his naps, and that has made a huge difference in his behaviour though the day. He has been a lot happier because he is getting a better sleep."


"I love the 365 sleep bag, it's a very versatile piece. Not having to worry if I have the appropriate level of warmth as I can just zip or unzip as needed is amazing. Also I don't have to worry about him growing out of it too quickly! This makes a busy mums life so much easier."

Nadine (Mum to Lily, 15 months)

"My 15 months old loves it! The first picture shows Lily (in the combined winter bag 3-24 months) and Mr Froggy going down for her morning nap. The second picture just a few minutes later both sleeping soundly :) Thanks, Nadine"

Janice (Mum to Nathan, 6 months)

"My six month old Nathan loves the 365 Sleep Bag. He sleeps in it so well. I love the quality of the bag and the versatility of it is great for the warm Brisbane winter days and cooler nights. The fasteners on arm holes are fantastic for keeping warm air in and I love that it will grow with him.  Thanks for a great product! Cheers Janice"

Jessica (Mum to Aubrey, 6 months)

"Dear Sleepy Company, My 6 month old baby girl Aubrey loves her sleeping bag! And mum loves knowing she will be comfortable thanks to the Tog ratings and separate pieces and the temp guide we have on the wall!"


"Our little girl loves her 365 sleep bag. She has slept like a dream in it and feels comfortable and secure in the sleep bag....never too hot or cold.  The bag is of great quality and even with a large suitable age range I feel very confident that it will last.  Only wish I knew about this bag when my son was born!! I always recommend the 365 sleep bag to friends and family. See attached a photo of our 5 month old sound asleep. Thanks. Kind Regards, Kim"